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"Your best investment is in yourself, and avoiding expensive mistakes requires preparation. I've taken care of that for you. You're welcome."

Colin A. White

The VRFM Book

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White’s manual demystifies collecting the world’s most sought-after precision watches. Geared for both the neophyte and the obsessive, the Chevalier Edition of White’s previously published guide offers fresh content, such as sidebar profiles of watch technicians, sellers, and even a dial lumer—and if you’re curious about what that is, then this manual is for you. Accompanying the new material are dozens of high-quality photographs of vintage Rolexes, with a focus on the details a serious collector needs to consider when authenticating a potential purchase.

The photos are gorgeous, as are the watches, but White’s emphasis is on practical, attainable Rolexes a collector might encounter in the wild, rather than the highest-end luxury items. The backbone of this edition remains his manual, first published in 2019: a helpful and inviting survey of what a potential collector would want to understand before purchasing a pre-owned or vintage Rolex. White takes readers “beneath the lugs,” exposing the period-correct guts of generations of Rolexes, including their winding screws, to a dozen types of hands, and the mechanisms at their ticking hearts (called “movements”). Those particulars are supplemented with a history of the brand and illuminating explanations of unique Rolex terms (“Oyster Perpetual Submariner” is just the start of it).

White’s a welcoming writer, eschewing the “jargon-soup” that he attributes to his hobby’s “insiders.” He addresses common misconceptions and encourages potential collectors to buy watches they’ll love and actually wear, rather than getting too hung up on acquiring a piece of the highest period correctness. White exhaustively catalogs all the information publicly available on more than 1,400 official manufacturing runs of Rolex watches. Even established collectors will find this a valuable resource.

Takeaway: This field manual gives an illuminating introduction into the world of Rolex collecting.

Great for fans of: Benjamin Clymer’s Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee, Gene Stone and Stephen Pulvirent’s The Watch, Thoroughly Revised.

Production grades
  • Cover: A
  • Design and typography: A
  • Illustrations: A
  • Editing: A
  • Marketing copy: A

BookLife Publishers Weekly (USA) Print Date: 11/23/2020

Excellent guide for collectors


Collecting or even buying a single vintage Rolex can be such a minefield and what Colin has produced is a guide to help you navigate that minefield. In comparison to the cost of getting any purchase wrong this book will pay for itself...

Obstando, Aug 20 2020, Apple Bookstore (USA)

Highly recommended!


Absolutely great reference book for vintage Rolex aficionados.

bootzillahere - Aug 13, 2020, Apple Bookstore (France)
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Look Who Got One Today! -GJW @WatchTalk

If you love vintage Rolex, you need to read this!


Simply the best book on vintage Rolex right now.

tropic_watcher - Oct 2, 2020, Apple Bookstore (France)

A comprehensive framework for evaluating and collecting vintage Rolex watches


The book also gave me a newfound appreciation for Rolex’s role in some of the most important human achievements of the 20th century. Not least of which is its role (I know, I know, Speedmaster fans) in aviation and spaceflight.

Tony - Aug 23, 2020, Rescapement Magazine
IG User Testimonial

A comprehensive yet concise history of Rolex


An excellent guide for those of us who know a little but want to get a handle on the entire Rolex dynasty. History, model evolution, movement updates, bracelet references and so much more. Heartily recommended.

Inchpincher - Aug 13, 2020, Apple Bookstore (USA)
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DaveK @OmegaForums

Great vintage Rolex reference book


This is a great reference book if you are a collector or someone interested in learning more about vintage Rolex watches.

phooi - Aug 2, 2020, Apple Bookstore (UK)

Recognized by many as one of the best on the subject


And it gets even better as you read it. One day you might be lucky to come across of vintage Rolex without need of selling a kidney... and this book will come handy. If you never will, well, the book itself deserves a place in your library.

M @ t - Aug 6, 2020, Apple Bookstore (Ireland)
IG User Testimonial

Great reference book


Been looking for a book like this for a long time, thanks 🙏

Gtaq87 - Aug 4, 2020, Apple Bookstore (Norway)

Essential for a newer or seasoned collector & a great gift for anyone who is into vintage watches


...Guaranteed you will make a smarter purchase, enjoy your watch more, and you’ll have a clue when talking to other collectors about their watches, too. Get nerdy, get the Vintage Rolex Field Manual.

Gtaq87 - Aug 4, 2020, Apple Bookstore (Canada)
IG User Testimonial

A Must for any Experienced or Aspiring Rolex Collector


Threading the history of the world’s most iconic watch brand from its inception to the present and offering extroadinary insight into every model the Crown has produced, this book is an essential guide for anyone invested in the fascinating and mysterious world of Rolex collecting. The ebook format is wonderful, and easy to refer to when contemplating any online listings or forum posts. As an avid collector of vintage Rolex for most of the past decade – working on the margins where I had to do my own research – I can attest that an entire lifetime’s worth of collecting acumen is contained in these pages. If you’re looking to dive deep on vintage Rolex, grab yourself a copy and skip to the front of the line.

Anonymous, 2020, Apple Bookstore (USA)



I love this new edition!

@mikerolliworks, Aug 5, 2020, Apple Bookstore (USA)
IG User Testimonial

Save YEARS & acquire fast Knowledge!


I should’ve had this book years ago. Took away lot of time allocated on Google or Instagram and it’s really enjoyable regardless of the level of “sickness” for Rolex watches. It’s a MUST. Recent updates make it even better. I’ll review it on my Newsletter sooner or later. Good job! Many thanks to the author. Nick

NickMaine, Oct 5, 2020, Apple Bookstore (Italy)

In-depth and far ranging


I am an enthusiast and writer on the watch industry. This book is absolutely incredible when it comes to vintage Rolex. The author provides insightful graphics and enjoyable pictures. He covers the history of the brand and the personalities involved. The Chevalier edition is in hard cover and the graphics are very well done. This will be an important member of my watch library for years to come. Bravo, buy it if you can find it 😀 👍🏽

B C, May 21, 2020, Amazon Bookstore (USA)
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Add This Vintage Rolex Book To Your Library Right Now


Whether you're a longtime collector or a newbie who's intimidated by all the jargon, pricing and nuance in the Rolex space, you need to get your hands on this book. The original was already comprehensive, but this is the edition to add to a serious library or give as a gift.

OREN HARTOV, JUL 31, 2020, Gear Patrol Magazine
IG User Testimonial

An absolute must read for the serious vintage watch collector


In particular, the discussion of modern restoration methods for cases and dials is highly informative.

@watchmedtime, AUG 24, 2020, Beyond The Dial Magazine & Blog
IG User Testimonial

It’s a must-read for fans of vintage Rolex watches and vintage watches in general.


It’s fascinating, but it’s also immediately useful, and it can save you a lot of money and headaches. This book will also make you appreciate Rolex for its legacy and for what it has done for the watchmaking world in general. So, even if you’re not interested in buying a vintage Rolex watch (for now), it’s still an entertaining read.

Melvin Hollenberg, AUG 16, 2020, WahaWatches Magazine & Blog
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"What an amazing book. The vintage Rolex field manual by Colin A. White. An unbelievably detailed encyclopedia of Rolex information. With beautiful illustrations and photos. If you can find one for sale snap it up its a real treasure." ★★★★★

IG User Testimonial


"What an amazing book!" ★★★★★